Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Been away, here's the reason.

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Reason is I moved. Basically, we ( Husbad & Kids) put all of our belongings in to storage, and then since we had not found a place yet, decided to take a trip. 
 That trip turned in to finding a home... leaving all of our things behind. So what I'm saying is, I only packed enough make up for a "trip" and have been living off said packed make up for the past months. I will admit that I have done some purchases, because UD keeps shoving new things in my face saying: "You need me, take me home, make me yours"
 For my birthday, Ulta was kind enough to provide me with $10 off any purchase and a free birthday gift ( 5 pan shadows)
I went ahead and purchased the Naked 3. (Ok my husband bought it :P) I love it. So much! I also scored UD eyeliner in Yeyo ( it's great to be used as a base ) and Too Faced Lip Primer. Keeps my lipstick or gloss on for hours! 
 For Mothers Day, my husband ( once more, I'm extra lucky ) bought me this beautiful blush from UD's new line. Bittersweet is so gorgeous everyone needs it. I mean Everyone!!!! 
 From the new shades (summer 2015) I purchased Riff. I bought it because it's a great transition color for me. It's mostly matte, although there is a tiny amount of sparkles, but I do not mind them, why would I? For a complete matte transition shade, I recommend Beware. I love that shade. It's a beautiful brown. I have it from the Theadora Palette that came out a few years ago, so I hd no need to purchase it. I do like it, very much so.
Using Riff eyeshadow as transition,  The Naked on the run palette ( I used the shadows, blush, eyeliner, bronzer & mascara)  Bittersweet blush over the blush in the palette. For lipgloss I am using Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie, from Urban Decay ( UD ) 
 I'll have another post on all the make up I packed, so you can see how much/little ( is there ever too much ) I had to work with. 
 Thanks so much for checking my blog, I appreciate it. 
 Keep on shining on!!!
 Xo B

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