Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vice 3... A Habit to Die for Day 7

Hello. I used Lucky as my lower lash line color for today's look. 

How I created today's look:
 Primer: UDPP in Original
 Transition: Reign
 Lid: Dragon 
 Inner Corner: Last Sin
 Under Brow: Truth & Undone
 Lower Lash Line: Lucky Eyeshadow over Lucky UD eyeliner 
 I hope you liked all of this weeks look using the Vice 3 Palette by Urban Decay 

For video on today's look:
 Bodacious B

Friday, January 30, 2015

Vice 3...A Habit to Die For Day 6

Today's eye look is made using a glitter liner in my inner corner. 

If you haven't noticed, I love glitter. 
How I created this look: 
Primer: UDPP in Original 
Transition: Reign
Lid: Vanity 
Center of Lid: Last Sin
Lower Lash Line: Alchemy 
Inner Corner: UD Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Amp over Freeze 
Under Brow: Undone
 I hope you enjoyed today's look. 
See ya! 
 Bodacious B

Video of look:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vice 3... A Habit to Die For Day 5

Hello! For today's look, I used the pink shadows in the Vice 3 by Urban Decay. 
This look was made using the shade Alien. 
I used a neutral shade on my lid, so it would contrast with the pinks. 
How I created this look: 
Primer: UDPP in Original
Transition: Alien
Crease: Alchemy
Lid: Angel
Under Brow: Last Sin
Inner Corner: Bobby Dazzle
Lower Lash line: UD eyeshadow pencil in Noise 

I hope you enjoyed today's look! Thanks for stoping by! 

Bodacious B 

Check out the video of the look 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vice... A Habit to Die for Day 4

 For today's look, I wanted to use the greens & blues of this palette.

I don't usually wears blues or greens, so I totally went out of my comfort zone. 
How I made this look: 
Primer: UDPP in Original 
Transition: Undone & Defy
Lid: Freeze
Crease: Revolver
Lower lash line: Dragon over UD Vacancy eyeliner 
Inner Corner: Lucky 
Under brow: Last Sin

Hope you enjoyed today's look, as always keep coming back for more. 

Bodacious B 

Video of look:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vice 3... A habit to die for day 3

Today I did another easy look. I used four shadows 

These shadows are really easy to work with. 
 I think anyone can pull this look of, because it's so easy to create. 
 What I did to create the look:
Primer: UDPP in Original
Lid: Lucky 
Crease: Vanity
Lower lash line: Reign over UD eyeliner in Zero 
Inner Corner: Bobby Dazzle
Under brow: Bobby Dazzle 
Lower & Upper waterline: UD eyeliner in Zero 
 I hope you like today's look.
Video of look: 
 Bodacious B

Monday, January 26, 2015

Vice 3... A habit to die for day 2

 For today's look I used four of the twenty beautiful eyeshadows in this palette. 
I had a short time to do my make up today, my baby wasn't happy all day. 
I love how the look came out thoug, it's nice and neutral with a pop of color.
To create the look:
Primer: UDPP in Original 
Transition: Downfall
Lid: Brokedown
Crease: Heroine
Inner Corner: DTF
Lower Lash Line: Heroine  
 I hope you like today's look! 
 Remember to check out my video on YouTube: 
Bodacious B

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vice 3 ... A habit to die for

 My vice with make up, believe it or not isn't as out of control as you believe. I am totally not in denial. I know for a fact that it is under control haha.
This week, I will be featuring looks made using The Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. 
Look at this beautiful palette containing  20 colors that range from matte to shimmer, to neutral & jewel toned colors. I mean, I'm bound to be seduced by this palette. 
 For this look I used six of the shadows in the palette. 
Here's how to create the look:
Primer: UDPP in Original 
Base: Color Tattoo in Precious Pearl
Lid: Sonic (wet, using the UD setting spray)
Transition: Defy
Crease: Bondage 
Under brow: Truth
Inner Corner: Last Sin
Lower lash line: Revolver over UD Crave eyeliner
I used Sonic wet, and I do think it makes a difference in the pigmentation. 
So that's today's look. Come back for the rest of this week to see more of the beautiful shadows of the Vice 3 palette.

Bodacious B 

 " shine on you crazy diamond" - Pink Floyd.

For a video of the look:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"My Week Naked" day 7

  Alright! We have the last and final look of the week! I was able to create 7 different looks using the one and only Naked Palette by Urban Decay. 
This look is amazing!
To create the look :
Primer : UDPP in Original 
Base: Color Tattoo in Bad to the bronze 
Lid: Sin
Transition: Smog
Crease: Creep
Under: Creep over Perversion eyeliner 
Under brow: Naked 
Inner corner: Half Baked 
  I had fun making looks with the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Even though there are 12, mostly neutral colors, I do think there are many shadow combinations that can be created. They can range to classic neutral, warm brows, to dark smokey looks with the darker brown black shadows. 

 Thanks for stopping by! 
 Bodacious B

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Week Naked day 6

 Grunge is in the house! 
 For today's look, I used a black base under Creep to make the shadows super smokey and dark. 
I basically used Creep and Hustle to make this look. 
I also used the Original Primer Potion by UD, it's not so yellow as Eden is.
So here's what I did :
Primer: UDPP in Original
Transition: Naked
Base: Black gel liner 
Lid: Creep blended above the crease
Middle of lid: Hustle
Under lashes: Creep & Hustle 
Waterline top & bottom : UD eyeliner in Zero
Under brow: Sidecar
Inner corner: Sidecar 
It's not a look I would use everyday, but I do like it :D 

Here's a video on the look.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always " shine on you crazy diamond" - Pink Floyd 

 Bodacious B 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Week Naked day 5

 I love today's look! Unfortunately I did my make up late in the day so the pictures are a total disaster. 

Today's main color is Half Baked. It's a true golden gold. That's the best way I can describe it. 
 It's definitely one of my all time favorite shades from this palette and Urban Decay as a whole. 
This shade makes my brown eyes look like honey :) 

Here's what I did: 
Primer: UDPP in Eden
Base: UD Eyeshadow Pencil in Rehab.
Transition Shade: Smog with a slight wash of Hustle.
Lid: Half Baked.
Inner Corner: Toasted.
Lower lash line: Creep over Rehab pencil. 
Lashine bottom & top: Twiced Baked 
Under Brow: Naked
I'm super bummed that I did my make up late today, it would have been the best look of the week. 

Here's a video of the look in all it's glory... 

 Thanks for checking out today's eye look! 

 Bodacious B

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Naked day 4

 For today's look, I used one of my favorite shadows in the Urban Decay Naked palette. 
Sidecar, I realize that my pictures are not that high quality, excuse my IPhone camera haha. 
 I love Sidecar, there's so much glitter! 
 Ok here's how I made today's look. 
Primer: UDPP in Eden 
Base color: Naked all on my lid over Color Tattoo in Taupe. 
Lid: Sidecar
Crease: Hustle
Under eye: Hustle over UD Smokeout eyeliner. 
For eyeliner: UD Zero eyeliner.
 I tried keeping the rest of the eye matte, so my lids had all the shimmer. 
 Smokeout is from UD LE Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set, I'm not sure if it's sold seperatly, but you can use any brown eyeliner you have.  

 That's today's look.
For a video on how the shadows ****sparkle**** click here: 

Thanks for stopping by! 
 Bodacious B 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Naked Day 3

Today's look I used the darker shades in the palette.
Primer: Urban Decay Primer in Eden 
Lid: Creep over UD eyeliner in Zero 
Middle of lid over Creep: Gunmetal 
As my transition color: Buck and Half Baked 
Crease: Darkhorse
Under brow as highlighter: Virgin
Tear duct area: Sin
Lower lash line: Creep & Darkhorse over UD eyeliner in Zero 
I also used the UD Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer.

That's today's look! 

Bodacious B

YouTube Video of eye look :

Monday, January 19, 2015

Naked day 2

Today's look is .....

 Today I used some setting spray to get my highlighter brush wet to give my highlighter even more glow. I love sparkly skin, in the right places. I have oily skin, so I have to be careful to put it in my non oily areas. 
For my eyes I used: 

Eye Primer: UD Primer Potion in Eden
Eyeshadow Base: Bad to the Bronze 
Lid color: Toasted
Crease: Creep over UD Shadow Pencil in Barracuda
Under brow: Naked
Lower lash: Toasted over UD Wiskey eyeliner
Tear duct area: Virgin

There's a lot of glitter action going on here, these pictures don't do the shadows any justice. So I made a video so you can see the glitter :)  

Hope you like today's look. See ya around 
 Bodacious B

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My week Naked

 This week I will be featuring Urban Decays Naked palette ( AKA Original Naked Palette) I will try to make as many looks as possible with this palette until Saturday. I like the neutral colors in this palette; 12 full size eyeshadows for around $55 is an amazing deal. Considering one UD eyeshadow is $18. ( 18X12= $ 216 say whattttt!) 
I used UD Primer Potion in Eden as my eye shadow primer, UD Shadow Pencil in Sin and several of the Naked shades. 

For my lids I used Sin, as my transition color I used Buck, then on my crease I used Hustle, I then used UD Perversion eyeliner on my upper lash line, and then went over it with Smog. I also used Smog on my lower lash line. I then went over my upper lash line with a liquid eyeliner. For under my eyebrows I used the shade Naked and for a pop of color I used my all time favorite Half Baked in my inner lid. 

Alright that was today's look, keep coming back for more looks this week. Thanks for stoping by! 

 Bodacious B

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Glitter, love and more glitter

Hello. This year I've decided to make something out of my love of make up. I'm no expert and do not claim to be a make up artist. I just love glitter and sparkles on my eyelids. From my eyes to yours, shine on! 
Bodacious Byanka 

Definition of Bodacious from 

 Bodacious : adjective
  1. South Midland and Southern U.S.thorough; blatant; unmistakable: a bodacious gossip.
  2. Slang.
    1. remarkable; outstanding: a bodacious story.
    2. audacious; bold or brazen.
    3. sexy; voluptuous.