Friday, February 27, 2015

Vice LTD Eyeshadow Look of The Day

For the look I created today:
 Primer: UDPP in Original
 Lid: Blitz
 Crease: Floss
 Transition: Heat and Chase blended all the way up beneath my brow.
 Lower Lash Line: Chase over UD Perversion Eye Liner.
 Looks like a neutral look doesn't it. 
 Hope you liked today's look! 
 Bodacious B

Note: My father in law/ pops said he likes the gold shades one me. So I made this look just for you pops! Hugs 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vice LTD Eyeshadow Look of the Day

 Using the Vice LTD by Urban Decay, I created the following look.
 To create the eyeshadow look:
 Primer: UDPP
 Lid: Vaporize
 Transition: Nameless
 Inner Corner: Roadstripe 
 Under Brow: Last Sin
 Lower Lash Line: Backdoor over UD Perversion Eye Liner 
 I hope you enjoyed today's look :) 
 Bodacious B 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vice LTD Eyeshadow look of the day

 To create today's look I did te following using the Urban Decay Vice LTD .
 Primer: UDPP in Original 
 Lid: Goddess
 Center of Lid : Crystal 
 Transition: Deeper 
 Under Brow: Anonymous 
 Inner Corner: Heat 
 Lower Lash Line: Goddess over Perversion Glide On Eyeliner 
 I think Goddess on the lid would have been more opaque had I used a black or blue cream base. Using Crystal over Goddess made the color very transperant. 
 That's all for today! 
 Bodacious B 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Vice LTD

 I have a look today using the Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette. 
 This is another beautiful palette that every girl should have! 
20 beautiful eyeshadows, some are repeats and some are brand spankin new to UD. 
Four of the shades I used today.
How to create today's look:
 Primer: UDPP In Original.
 Lid: Junkshow
 Transition: Heat
 Crease: Freakshow
 Inner Corner: Provocateur
 Under Brow : Roadstripe
 Lower Lash Line: Freakshow over UD Perversion eye liner. 
Top Lash Line: Perversion eyeshadow over Perversion eye liner. 
 This is such a gorgeous palette, I seriously am in love with the shadows. 
I hope you enjoyed today's look! 
 Bodacious B!! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

O yea I forgot

 Ok so I didn't post like I said I would, I might have said maybe. I have been busy, but do not fret! I have recently purchased some new goodies 8) yay!!
 Some things are from the drugstore others from Ulta. I have been playing around with some things, but not so much since I've been running around doing some pre-spring-late-winter cleaning. Hahah I just invented a new cleaning phase. No, seriously it's been crazy. 
 I was able to send my lil sis some make up since I've been going through my stash. Isn't great when you find ok treasures that you've forgotten all about? I think it's wonderful :) I had some doubles so I sent her some goodies. She's happy with what I sent her and it makes me feel so happy that she's able to get all dolled up and intensify her beauty. Girl Power!
 So, as I mentioned that I have some new make up, here's a picture of me using the New ( it's a few months old, but new to me) Naked On The Run Palette by Urban Decay. 
 I'm using everything in the palette; eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, mascara & lipgloss. For being a " naked " palette, I think it's perfect to be used to create many types of eye looks. 
 Ok, so I will be posting tomorrow early inthe morning since I already know it's going to be a long day, which means I have to go to sleep now after I finish this run on sentence.
 Bodacious B
 " Shine on you Crazy Diamond " 
 - Pink Floyd

Monday, February 16, 2015

I have a bunch of excuses

 And none really matter 
just hear me out I'm here to say sorry 
 Didn't mean to ignore you
Just been so busy 
Blah blah noun and adjective go here
Blah blah well get back in touch 
Sooner than later hopefully tomorrow 
Smell you later gator 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hooked: Vice 2 by Urban Decay Day 3

 I went out of town and l left my charger at home but I still wanted to post an entry. 
I'll post what I used tomorrow. So sorry but I was in such a rush I couldn't get any clear pictures. 
I wanted to my make to be somewhat Barbie-ish. Using the Purples & Pinks in the Vice 2 Palette by UD

I'll update tomorrow!
 Bodacious B 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hooked: Vice 2 by Urban Decay Eyeshadow Look Day 2


 This is today's look using the Vice 2 Palette by Urban Decay. 

 Here's how I made today's look:
 Primer: UDPP in Original
 Base: Habit
Lid: Toxic & Coax (Wet) 
Crease: Smokeout
 Transition: Radar
Inner Corner: Shellshock
Under Brow: Habit 
Lower Lash Line: Smokeout over UD eyeliner in Zero

 I hope you enjoy today's eyeshadow creation.

Bodacious B

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hooked : Vice 2 by Urban Decay Day 1

What's up! 
 This week I will be featuring the gorgeous Vice 2 palette by Urban Decay.
Do you see how beautiful these 20 shades are?! 
 This palette was a gift from my Husband :)
 This look was made by using six of the 20 shades. I know my pictures are blurry, and I do have a camera, I just don't have a laptop to import my pictures.
So here's how I created this look: 
Primer: UDPP in Original
Transition: Habit
Lid: Strike
Crease: Stash
Lower Lash line: Poison over Strike 
Under Brow Bone: Habit & Dope
  Hopefully you can create this look. I know the palette is not for sale, but I think many of these shadows can be duped. 
 Thanks for stopping by! 
 Bodacious B 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 7

 For today's look, I used the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay. The shadows in this palette are neutrals, so I used them as base & transition colors. 
 I decided to add some pop to this look and add some of my eyeliners that I have along with another one of my glitter eyeliners.
Primer: UDPP in original
Lid: Sabbath form the Black Palette by UD over Gonzo eyeliner by UD
Transition: Faint & Naked 2 
Under Brow: Foxy
Lower Lashline: UD Noise eyeshadow pencil midway blended with finger.
Lower Inner Corner: Air Guitar glitter eyeliner by UD over Gonzo eyeliner 
I did end up once again using the Black Palette by UD and used Sabbath. It's a blue-black shadow. As you can see; it's almost technically black since even over Gonzo, which is a neon blue, it comes out more black than blue. 
 In my opinion, the Naked Basics palette, is a palette to have in handy. Sometimes palettes don't come with shadows that are dark enough to create a deep crease, or light enough shades to be used as highlight shadows. So, this palette gives you the "basics", to be used as a whole, or just to add to other shadows. 

 I hope you enjoyed the looks I created with this palette. 
 Bodacious B 
 Video of look:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 6


 I had to do my make up super fast today. So I only used the shadows from the Naked Basics today. 

 Primer: UDPP in Original
 Base: Foxy
 Transition: Naked 2
 Crease: Crave
 Lid: Venus 
 Lower Lash Line: Crave over UD eyeliner in Zero
 Since this palette is very small in size, I feel like it's one that can be carried in your purse. For on the go make up or touch ups. 
 Hope you liked today's look! 
 Bodacious B
 " shine on you crazy diamond" - Pink Floyd 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 5

 Hello! Do you like glitter? I hope you do. Hopefully you will also like today's look I created Naked Basics by Urban Decay.
 Glitter is my favorite color!

  To create today's look, I used a glitter liner that I have. 
 To create today's look:
 Primer: UDPP in Original 
 Base: WOS all over my lid
 Crease: Naked over UD eyeliner in Zero
 Lid: Glam Rock Glitter Liner by UD
 Lower Lash Line: Faint over UD eyeliner in Zero
 It's an easy look, and I hope you enjoyed it! 
 Bodacious B
 Video on look:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 4

 I've landed on Mars...

 I wanted to use another one of my Deluxe Eyeshadow from Urban Decay. So I went ahead and used Graffiti. The Naked Basics Palette can be used to fit many other colorful shadows. Since the  palette shadows are basic colors; highlight, transition, & crease cut shadows, it's fun to add a pop of color. 
 I say I landed on Mars because along with Graffiti,I used Mars 24/7 Glide On Pencil by Urban Decay to create this look. It's also green, so it paired perfectly with Graffiti. 
 To create this look:
 Primer: UDPP in Anti-Aging
 Base: UD pencil in Faint on my eyelid.
 Lid: Faint eyeshadow blended above lid to be used as transition shadow.
 Crease: Crave
 Inner Corner: Venus 
 Under Brow Bone: W.O.S 
 Lower & Upper Water Line: Crave over Perversion eye liner.
Lower Lash Line: Graffiti over Mars eye liner. 

 I hope you enjoyed today's look.
 Bodacious B

Ps. Shout out to my Pops in Florida. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 3

 The Naked Basics Palette, is pretty much a palette than can help you accomplish a basic/ neutral/ no-make-up make up look. I mean, depending what shades you use, you can go from a smokey dramatic look, to a sweet and innocent look. 
 Yesterday's look was definitely a look I wouldn't usually wear because I like colors over the non make up look. I'm not sure if that makes any sense whatsoever. 
 So along with the Naked Basics palette, I also used an oldie but goodie: Freakshow by Urban Decay. This is a beautiful purple eyeshadow. 
 Along with Freakshow, I decided to incorporate Roach & Crave UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils. 
Ok so to create this look I did the following:
 Primer: UDPP in Anti-Aging
 Transition: Freakshow
 Crease: Crave
 Lid: Freakshow
 Under Brow: Venus & Foxy
 Inner Corner: Venus 
  Lower Lash Line: Faint over Roach eyeliner.
 Upper & Lower Waterline: Crave eyeliner. 
 I started to use the Anti-Aging Primer because let's face it, I'm getting older not younger. I also used the Naked Liquid Foundation in 8.0. I received a sample form UD in my last order and decided to give it a try. 
 I'm actually really impressed by it, I went to the park to play kickball and I was sweating, went grocery shopping and after six hours I only see minimal wear. For me this is actually surprising since I have oily skin and nothing last more than two hours. 
 Last but not least, I wore UD Revolution Lipstick in Rapture and Naked Lipgloss in Naked. I know that they came out with a lipstick of these two products in one. I mean not these two in particular, but a mixture of the Urban Decay glosses & lipsticks. I am looking forward to trying one out, in the future. 
 Well anyways I'm done! Finally hah. That was today's eyeshadow look or #eotd, using the Naked Basics palette. 
 Bodacious B 

 " shine on you crazy diamond " - Pink Floyd. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 2

 Today I was tired and not feeling well so I did my make up late, and because of this I didn't get any good pictures.

 I used the Naked Basics entirely for this look. 
How I did this look:
Primer: UDPP in Original
Transition: Naked 2
Crease: Faint
Lid: Venus ( Wet )
Lower Lash Line: Venus
Under Lower Lash Line: Creep & Faint over UD eye liner in Zero
Under Brow: WOS & Venus 
Inner Corner: Venus 

 It's basically a neutral look, that I might wear to a job interview because of it's minimal color. I wouldn't call this palette boring, but I would definitely carry it in my purse for emergency touch ups.
 I hope I feel better tomorrow. 
 Bodacious B

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay

 This palette has been out for a while now. It's suppose to be an all matte palette, but Crave & Venus both have shimmer to them. It's all good, cause I love shimmer.
 As you can see, Faint is well loved <3. I'll sometimes use it for my eyebrows. Which I know are totally out of shape and are hairy. I have been letting them grow, so that my original shape might regrow. Ugh. That's a whole different story..
 I used Cobra for the Urban Decay Black Palette. Originally I had intended to use that palette but, there's no transition or highlight shade so that's when I decided to use the Naked Basics.
 The reason I was going to use Cobra to begin with was because Urban Decay just released a new shadow in their Moondust eyeshadow line. It's name is Cobra, so if reminded me that I had this Black Palette. 

 So this week I will be using the Naked Basics to create looks along with other palettes, or single eyeshadows that I have. Maybe even use the Black palette again; even though it's not available for sale anymore, I think there's enough shadows out there that can easily replace  the shadows in the palette. 
 For my lips I used OCC Lip Tar in Dahlia. It's a metallic red. 
 So anyway, this is probably a very long post so I'll just let you know how I did this eyeshadow look. 
 Primer: UDPP in Eden
 Base: Color Tattoo in Precios Pearl
 Lid: Cobra blended up above crease
 Transition: Faint
 Under Brow: Venus
 Inner Corner: Venus 
 Lower Lash Line: Crave eyeshadow over Crave UD eyeliner. 
 That's today's look! Hope you enjoyed it :) 
 Bodacious B

Video of look: