Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Feature: The Theodora Palette by Urban Decay

 For this week, I will be using The Theodora Palette by Urban Decay. This is an old palette, it was released for the film The Great and Powerful Oz by Disney. A few years old, but alas, it is a treasure.
 I love love love the packaging and would really love if Urban Decay would release more of these palettes. It is just so convinient and sturdy, that it's perfect for travel. Also you can exchange the shadows once they are empty. There are four full eyeshadows ( A full UD eyeshadow is .05 oz) and two shadows that are two-in-one. 
Clockwise from the top Left: 
Bewitch, Jealous, Spell, West, Broken, Beware. 
 Brow Bone: Broken
 Transition: Beware
 Lid: Spell ( Black half) over Barracuda Showdow Pencil by UD
 Crease: West 
 Lower Lashline: Bewitch over JuJu Shadow pencil by UD
 Inner Corner: Spell ( Golden half ) over Stargazer eye pencil by UD
Lower & Upper Waterline: Spell ( Black half) smudged in to Perversion eye pencil. 

 I am also using the Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora by Urban Decay that came with the palette. As you can see, it is a rich red and I actually used a chocolate brown lip liner to darken it a bit. 

 Alrighty then. 

 PS: Beware is sold as an individual eyeshadow now. Go get it!

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