Monday, July 13, 2015

Smoked by Urban Decay Day 4

( Ughhhh I just closed the Blogger app so now I have to re-write it all over again. Mehhhh)

 Ok, here it goes.
 For today's look, I decided to use Rockstar as my main color. 

 How to recreate look:
 Primer: UDPP in Eden
 Under Brow Bone: Kinky & Freestyle
 Transition: Barlust
 Crease & Outter V: Blackout
 Lid: Rockstar
 Inner Corner: Mushroom over Yeyo eye pencil.
 Lower Lash Line: Blackout & Barlust over Perversion eye pencil. 
Lower & Upper Waterline: Blackout over Perversion eye pencil. 
 Upper Lash: UD Retrograde liquid liner.
Lastly, I applied Heavy Metal glitter liner over all the shadows. 

K bye! 
 Xo B 

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