Saturday, January 24, 2015

"My Week Naked" day 7

  Alright! We have the last and final look of the week! I was able to create 7 different looks using the one and only Naked Palette by Urban Decay. 
This look is amazing!
To create the look :
Primer : UDPP in Original 
Base: Color Tattoo in Bad to the bronze 
Lid: Sin
Transition: Smog
Crease: Creep
Under: Creep over Perversion eyeliner 
Under brow: Naked 
Inner corner: Half Baked 
  I had fun making looks with the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Even though there are 12, mostly neutral colors, I do think there are many shadow combinations that can be created. They can range to classic neutral, warm brows, to dark smokey looks with the darker brown black shadows. 

 Thanks for stopping by! 
 Bodacious B

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