Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 3

 The Naked Basics Palette, is pretty much a palette than can help you accomplish a basic/ neutral/ no-make-up make up look. I mean, depending what shades you use, you can go from a smokey dramatic look, to a sweet and innocent look. 
 Yesterday's look was definitely a look I wouldn't usually wear because I like colors over the non make up look. I'm not sure if that makes any sense whatsoever. 
 So along with the Naked Basics palette, I also used an oldie but goodie: Freakshow by Urban Decay. This is a beautiful purple eyeshadow. 
 Along with Freakshow, I decided to incorporate Roach & Crave UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils. 
Ok so to create this look I did the following:
 Primer: UDPP in Anti-Aging
 Transition: Freakshow
 Crease: Crave
 Lid: Freakshow
 Under Brow: Venus & Foxy
 Inner Corner: Venus 
  Lower Lash Line: Faint over Roach eyeliner.
 Upper & Lower Waterline: Crave eyeliner. 
 I started to use the Anti-Aging Primer because let's face it, I'm getting older not younger. I also used the Naked Liquid Foundation in 8.0. I received a sample form UD in my last order and decided to give it a try. 
 I'm actually really impressed by it, I went to the park to play kickball and I was sweating, went grocery shopping and after six hours I only see minimal wear. For me this is actually surprising since I have oily skin and nothing last more than two hours. 
 Last but not least, I wore UD Revolution Lipstick in Rapture and Naked Lipgloss in Naked. I know that they came out with a lipstick of these two products in one. I mean not these two in particular, but a mixture of the Urban Decay glosses & lipsticks. I am looking forward to trying one out, in the future. 
 Well anyways I'm done! Finally hah. That was today's eyeshadow look or #eotd, using the Naked Basics palette. 
 Bodacious B 

 " shine on you crazy diamond " - Pink Floyd. 

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