Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hooked : Vice 2 by Urban Decay Day 1

What's up! 
 This week I will be featuring the gorgeous Vice 2 palette by Urban Decay.
Do you see how beautiful these 20 shades are?! 
 This palette was a gift from my Husband :)
 This look was made by using six of the 20 shades. I know my pictures are blurry, and I do have a camera, I just don't have a laptop to import my pictures.
So here's how I created this look: 
Primer: UDPP in Original
Transition: Habit
Lid: Strike
Crease: Stash
Lower Lash line: Poison over Strike 
Under Brow Bone: Habit & Dope
  Hopefully you can create this look. I know the palette is not for sale, but I think many of these shadows can be duped. 
 Thanks for stopping by! 
 Bodacious B 

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