Saturday, February 7, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay Day 7

 For today's look, I used the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay. The shadows in this palette are neutrals, so I used them as base & transition colors. 
 I decided to add some pop to this look and add some of my eyeliners that I have along with another one of my glitter eyeliners.
Primer: UDPP in original
Lid: Sabbath form the Black Palette by UD over Gonzo eyeliner by UD
Transition: Faint & Naked 2 
Under Brow: Foxy
Lower Lashline: UD Noise eyeshadow pencil midway blended with finger.
Lower Inner Corner: Air Guitar glitter eyeliner by UD over Gonzo eyeliner 
I did end up once again using the Black Palette by UD and used Sabbath. It's a blue-black shadow. As you can see; it's almost technically black since even over Gonzo, which is a neon blue, it comes out more black than blue. 
 In my opinion, the Naked Basics palette, is a palette to have in handy. Sometimes palettes don't come with shadows that are dark enough to create a deep crease, or light enough shades to be used as highlight shadows. So, this palette gives you the "basics", to be used as a whole, or just to add to other shadows. 

 I hope you enjoyed the looks I created with this palette. 
 Bodacious B 
 Video of look:

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