Sunday, February 1, 2015

Basically: Naked Basics by Urban Decay

 This palette has been out for a while now. It's suppose to be an all matte palette, but Crave & Venus both have shimmer to them. It's all good, cause I love shimmer.
 As you can see, Faint is well loved <3. I'll sometimes use it for my eyebrows. Which I know are totally out of shape and are hairy. I have been letting them grow, so that my original shape might regrow. Ugh. That's a whole different story..
 I used Cobra for the Urban Decay Black Palette. Originally I had intended to use that palette but, there's no transition or highlight shade so that's when I decided to use the Naked Basics.
 The reason I was going to use Cobra to begin with was because Urban Decay just released a new shadow in their Moondust eyeshadow line. It's name is Cobra, so if reminded me that I had this Black Palette. 

 So this week I will be using the Naked Basics to create looks along with other palettes, or single eyeshadows that I have. Maybe even use the Black palette again; even though it's not available for sale anymore, I think there's enough shadows out there that can easily replace  the shadows in the palette. 
 For my lips I used OCC Lip Tar in Dahlia. It's a metallic red. 
 So anyway, this is probably a very long post so I'll just let you know how I did this eyeshadow look. 
 Primer: UDPP in Eden
 Base: Color Tattoo in Precios Pearl
 Lid: Cobra blended up above crease
 Transition: Faint
 Under Brow: Venus
 Inner Corner: Venus 
 Lower Lash Line: Crave eyeshadow over Crave UD eyeliner. 
 That's today's look! Hope you enjoyed it :) 
 Bodacious B

Video of look:

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